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What Can You Do To Save Money on Wheelchair Transportation?

by Andres Maldonado on 10/22/18

Living in a wheelchair can present some unique challenges in regards to transportation. You may need to purchase a specialized vehicle, ask friends and family to drive you or even rely on public transportation. These are not ideal ways of getting around as you need to either spend a fortune or rely on people who also have their own problems. So what can you do to easily get around town? The solution is our non-emergency transportation in Brevard County, Florida. Here are a few ways you can save money on your wheelchair transportation:

  • Using Non-Emergency Medical Transportation
    One of the best ways to save money when you need to get from point A to point B in a wheelchair is to use non-emergency medical transportation services. These services are not only very convenient due to the specialized services you will receive, but they are much more affordable compared to other transportation options. For example, a taxi may charge more due to your wheelchair and there is no guarantee that they will try to squeeze money out of you by using longer routes. This is an issue you do not have to worry about with our ambulatory transportation.
  • Insurance
    Since we offer medical transportation in Space Coast of Florida your insurance may actually cover our fees. This can make our transportation services extremely affordable if not free, depending on the kind of insurance you have. This would make it a good reason to see if your insurance will cover our services or not.
  • Hassle Free
    You will also save a lot of time using our transportation and for many people, time is money. This is because we operate on your schedule and we will transport you to your destinations depending on the times you specify. This is something public transportation does not do, as you do not go to their schedule, which can make many things difficult when you simply need to get to the other side of town or make a medical appointment.

Those are just a few of the many ways our non-emergency medical transportation services can help you save money the next time you need to get somewhere. If you would like to find out more about our services and how we can help you, please feel free to get in touch with us at Comfort Ride LLC anytime.

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Medical Transfers Made Easy

by Andres Maldonado on 10/01/18

Ever had to transfer from one hospital to another in order to see a specialist? This can be a hassle, especially when you are confined to a wheelchair due to your physical state or condition. However, through our non-emergency transportation in Brevard County, Florida, we can make this entire process simple and easy. Here are the ways we can assist you with:

  • Wheelchair Ramps and Lifts

    Even if you can walk fine on your own, many hospitals will prefer that you use a wheelchair when transferring.Through our ambulatory transportation services, we can provide an easy solution. Our vehicles come equipped with wheelchair ramps and lifts.

  • Comfortable Transportation

    Our medical transportation in Space Coast of Florida is a very comfortable experience. You will be greeted by friendly and professional staff, our vehicles are well maintained, and we will take the best routes possible. You also do not have to stress out about expensive rates, which can be a huge comfort in itself.

  • Transportation Back

    Once you have completed your business at the different medical facility, you do not have to get another ride or find a way to get back. We will ensure that you are able to get to your original hospital hassle-free. We will either wait for you or provide another vehicle at your specified time, so all you have to do is get ready and board the vehicle when it is time.

Those are just three of the many different ways we are able to make medical transfers as easy as possible. You no longer have to call up a friend or family member to bring their van or deal with expensive public transportation services because you can count on us. If you want to find out more about this service or about the other non-emergency medical transportation services we provide, please get in touch with us at Comfort Ride LLC anytime.

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What Are Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services?

by Andres Maldonado on 09/10/18

There are many different forms of transportation that we use on a daily basis. Some of us take the bus, others drive their cars, and there are those who prefer to walk or ride in bikes. However, there is one mode of transportation that many of us don't notice but can still benefit us greatly. This is non-emergency transportation in Brevard County, Florida.

Non-emergency medical transportation can benefit just about anyone. This service is designed to ensure individuals who are injured, sick, recovering from an operation, disabled, or at an advanced age. Our non-emergency medical transportation ensures that the passengers have a safe, comfortable, and reliable form of medical transportation in Florida's Space Coast.

When you need to be transferred from one medical facility to another to get to a doctor’s appointment on time, we can help you out. No longer do you have to worry about dealing with the hassles of public rides, calling someone you know for a ride, or going through the risk of driving by yourself.

We take it a step further by offering specialized vehicles that can meet your unique needs. This is to ensure that you have a comfortable and hassle-free experience when you choose to ride with us.

For example, we have vehicles with wheelchair ramps or lifts to help people using wheelchairs get in.

Our ambulatory transportation can go a long way in ensuring that you have what you need to get where you want to be with ease. Our services offer peace of mind and relaxation. Just tell us where you need to be and when you need to be there, and we will do the hard work for you.

Those are just the basics of non-emergency medical transportation services and why they are great for many people. If you would like to find out more about these services and how they can benefit you, please feel free to get in touch with us at Comfort Ride LLC.