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6 Ways to Make Travel Comfortable Even with Arthritis

by Andres Maldonado on 01/08/19

If you have arthritis, then you know that it’s not to be taken lightly. The soreness of joints can be agonizing and even making a minimum movement to require a lot of effort. Still, that doesn’t mean that you should simply stay at home and wait for the day to pass you by.

Traveling with arthritis is still highly possible! And we have a short list of tips here that can make your journey a lot more comfortable:

  1. Supplement your knowledge.
    Before you set off to the road, it’s advisable that you check in with your doctor or consult with your occupational therapist first. They can give you a lot of helpful tips and tricks that can make your trips more stress and pain-free.
  2. Schedule your appointment in advance.
    Long lines to a clinic or the pharmacy can spell a lot of trouble for your joints. Rather than going in unannounced, reserve a spot for yourself ahead of time. That way, you will be able to do more important things with your hours and you’ll be able to negate much of the strain on your joints too!
  3. Bring your assistant.
    You don’t need to hire a professional, having a friend or a family member to give you some support through the trip will go a long way. The fun conversations you share with them can even act as an alternative painkiller while you’re on the road.
  4. Prepare your medications.
    You wouldn’t want to be caught on the road unprepared and end up missing a dose, right? Before you leave for your appointments, be sure you have your pills sorted out in a container and packed in your bag the night before (so you won’t forget them in the morning).
  5. Pack your supplies.
    Aside from medications, you might also want to bring along a water tumbler, some snacks, and even an ice pack or a warm compress to keep joint pain at a minimum. While you might not be spending a long time on the drive, it's still better to be ready than be without the items you need.
  6. Select your mode of transportation.
    Driving yourself to the clinic for a regular checkup might be your go-to. But you have to admit that with painful joints, maneuvering a car for a good couple minutes doesn’t exactly paint a picture of comfort.

So then, how are you supposed to get to your appointments? Well, you can always request a family member to drive you over. But, if they’re unfortunately unavailable for the day, you can sign up for ambulatory transportation from Comfort Ride LLC.

As a long-running company dedicated to offering quality non-emergency transportation in Brevard Country, Florida, we have highly trained staff and specialized equipment to transport you with ease. And as an added bonus, we’re available for your needs 24/7!

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