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Advantages of the Different NEMT Vehicles

by Andres Maldonado on 02/20/20

Nowadays, transportation has become a vital part of our daily commute. Each person uses some sort of transportation to easily and conveniently go to different places. The elderly, disabled, injured, and paralyzed individuals most likely need medical transportation in Florida to go to different healthcare centers to receive treatment and medication. Medical transportation is, therefore, an important part of healthcare since it contributes to the wellness and health of people.

In general, NEMT provides professional service to transport individuals with a health condition or injury who do not require immediate medical attention. Aside from providing transportation, they help lives by providing first aid assistance and CPR to patients. It is utilized by doctors to schedule transportation for patients who have medical conditions and by law firms to transport an injured client to appear in court.

  • Ambulatory transportation.

    Ambulatory transportation is the most common form of non-emergency medical transportation. It is for patients who can walk on their own, who may be using cane or walker, and who only need basic assistance.

  • Wheelchair patient transportation.

    Wheelchair transport services offer help to those who are confined to a wheelchair or who cannot walk on their own. Experienced and trained drivers operate the ramps or wheelchair lifts. The staff also makes sure that patients are properly settled in their wheelchairs.

If you want to acquire services by nonemergency transportation in Brevard County, Florida, then you may call 321-543-7433. Professional and helpful staff from Comfort Ride LLC will be more than willing to answer your queries and address your concerns when it comes to non-emergency medical transportation.

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