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Comfortable NEMT Especially for You

by Andres Maldonado on 12/03/19

Among other things, comfort is important when traveling to different places, especially for physically challenged or disabled individuals who need to get to their medical appointments. Although you can rely on your family members to give you a ride to various appointments, other responsibilities might hinder them from doing so. Comfort Ride LLC recognizes the transportation challenges of some people, particularly the disabled, the elderly, and the marginalized group in society. As a provider of non-emergency transportation in Brevard County, Florida, we are here to ensure a comfortable, safe, and reliable transportation for our clients.

Through our ambulatory transportation, we help ease you or your family’s burden. With comfort and convenience in mind, we want bedridden and disabled patients to feel relaxed and free from pain and discomfort. Our vehicles are specifically designed to cater to various conditions, including individuals who need a wheelchair or stretcher. We also installed electronic lifts and safety devices to ensure your safety and security.

Our highly-skilled and trained staff will assist you efficiently with their knowledge and experience in ensuring proper support, including stretcher transfers, patient positioning, and other distinct needs of clients.

If you require medical transportation in Florida, contact us through 321-543-7433 or visit us at We cover your necessity for safe and comfortable transport wherever you need to go. Allow our NEMT to satisfy your transportation needs.

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