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How Dementia Patients Can Have Safe Transportation

by Andres Maldonado on 09/16/19

Do you have a family member with dementia? Are you going to travel with them anytime soon? If you need ambulatory transportation, our team at Comfort Ride LLC can help you.

Traveling with a dementia patient can be challenging yet not impossible. You only need to observe safety practices and reminders, such as the following:

  • Give them Medication Alert Bracelets

    When you have reached an unfamiliar place, your loved one may feel agitated with the experience. As a result, they may wander around. The bracelets can help you locate them wherever they may end up in.

  • Pack their Essentials

    Whether the travel is within a state or outside, ensure that you have included the necessary items of your loved one. Pack their medications, food, snacks, clothes, and other essentials. To help you in having a comfortable trip to the airport or intended destination, book our non emergency transportation in Brevard County, Florida.

  • Pack Relevant Documents

    Always bring your loved one’s important documents about their medical condition. Through this, you can smoothly find a medical professional for them when you’re in a new place.

  • Make the Itinerary Detailed

    Ensure that your itineraries are well-planned. Include even minor details in every destination so that you will be guided where to go. Also, leave copies of these itineraries to your other family members at home.

  • Establish Proper Coordination

    If you’re going to book a hotel, ensure that their staff knows about your loved one’s condition. They can provide you with the assistance you need upon arrival or as you leave the accommodations.

Don’t let dementia keep you and your loved one from having great experiences outside of home. For that, we can also provide you with better and safer transportation. If ever you will need medical transportation in Florida, contact us at Comfort Ride LLC right away. Our team is knowledgeable enough to assist your needs in the best way possible.

Would you like to know how else we can serve you? Inquire about our services today!

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