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How Family Members Benefit from NEMT

by Andres Maldonado on 03/17/20

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) services help individuals with disabilities, mobility problems, and others. And we confirm this as a provider of non-emergency transportation in Brevard County, Florida. Our NEMT services benefit not only the patients who need the service but also everyone in his immediate circle.

To illustrate this, allow us at Comfort Ride LLC, a leading provider of medical transportation in Florida, to explain.

  • Patients

    Patients whose conditions cause mobility difficulties, weakness, and pain but who do not need immediate medical attention can greatly benefit from non-emergency medical transportation services. These individuals may need assistance with going to their appointments, check-ups, and rehabilitation sessions in hospitals, clinics, rehab facilities, treatment centers, and other healthcare settings. And having access to NEMT services, whether wheelchair transportation or ambulatory transportation, make these trips safe and convenient.

    Furthermore, NEMT considers other equally important aspects of recovery, such as going out for social engagements and family events and starting again through simple activities like grocery shopping and other errands.

  • Family Members

    Family members serve as a strong support system for the patient; thus it’s important to have them as a company during trips to check-ups and other appointments. However, commuting through public transportation can be stressful. By availing of our NEMT services, family members can sit beside the patient and offer full support without worrying about other things, such as parking space or getting in and out of the vehicle (if they take public transportation).

Let your loved ones reap the benefits our NEMT offers. Call us now!

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