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Quick Guide: What to Do when Traveling with Seniors

by Andres Maldonado on 07/11/19

Even when your senior loved one requires ambulatory transportation, it still doesn’t mean that travelling is no longer advised for them. Regardless of their transportation constraints, you can still enjoy trips together. Here are our recommendations to make it happen:

  • Seek Approval from a Doctor

    If your senior loved one has pre-existing conditions that make travelling challenging, ensure that you get their doctor’s permission first. If you’re travelling to destinations that will need special medication monitoring, getting their doctor’s permission can give you peace of mind that your travel is safe at the outset.

  • Make Pre-planning

    When you’re travelling with an aging loved one, planning is very essential. You need to ensure that there are lesser hassles so that your family member can feel comfortable along the way. If you think you will need help from providers of Non emergency transportation in Brevard County, Florida, plan for it accordingly.

  • Be Flexible

    Along with careful planning, it is also essential that you be flexible with the plans you implement. If you planned to undergo a certain activity, but your loved one feels quite unready, be prepared to make adjustments.

  • Prepare their Essentials

    Ensure that your loved one’s essential items are also packed with their belongings. Be ready with their medications, incontinence supplies, medical records, healthy snacks, and even water. When travelling, make sure that your aging loved one can still drink water as they get easily dehydrated.

Meanwhile, when your loved one has dementia, their travel arrangements may need extra considerations so you can ensure that their trip is also convenient and comfortable.

As your leading provider of Medical Transportation in Florida, you can trust us to assist you when you have transportation constraints. Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us at Comfort Ride LLC so that we can be of help to your transportation needs. If you have inquiries about our services, feel free to keep in touch with us.

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