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Top 8 Signs a Senior Should No Longer Drive

by Andres Maldonado on 07/02/19

As a provider of Non emergency transportation in Brevard County, Florida, we are advocates for safe and convenient driving. For our aging loved ones, driving can be an extension of one’s sense of independence. When health issues limit their driving ability, it can be difficult to accept.

However, you need to ensure that your loved one still is fit and safe to drive by themselves. If you think that driving is no longer safe for your elderly loved one, here are signs to note:

  1. As they drive, your loved one tends to drift to other lanes or to straddle on the lanes of the coming cars. This is very risky for road accidents.

  2. Your senior loved one may also make immediate lane changes while driving, and this can be unsafe especially if there’s heavy traffic on the way.

  3. Another sign to note is their inability to obey to traffic lights and signals. This can be caused by confusion or other illnesses. This is very unsafe for seniors on the road.

  4. As provider of Medical Transportation in Florida, we also advice against suddenly braking or stopping abruptly. When your loved one does this, their driving skills may be a cause of concern.

  5. When your senior loved one suddenly increases their speed without any reason, it can be another indicator that driving can be unsafe for them.

  6. On the other hand, driving very slow or slower than the required speed limit can also indicate that your senior loved one is going through driving difficulties.

  7. Our aging loved ones may also find it difficult to see crossing pedestrians or cars coming the opposite way. When they have eyesight problems, driving can be unsafe.

  8. When your senior loved one also experiences signs of dementia, such as getting confused or disoriented with their location, driving is risky for them.


At Comfort Ride LLC, let us help you provide safe and comfortable transportation to your loved one. When driving is no longer safe for them, we’re here to assist them especially when they need ambulatory transportation.

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