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Transportation Services for Senior Citizens

by Andres Maldonado on 12/10/20

Transportation is a necessity for seniors who need to follow their doctor’s schedule, laboratory visit, pharmacy pick-ups, and more. This is especially true during this global health crisis that we are facing right now. Thankfully, you can find a trusted provider of non- emergency transportation in Brevard County, Florida.

  • Bridging transportation barriers.

    Public transportation, whether it’s available in your area or not, is not advisable for seniors with physical frailties or seniors who are wheelchair-bound. Medical transportation in Florida fills the gap by providing a sure-fire solution for the elderly community. This type of transportation is design to cater to your particular needs.

  • Ensuring medical care.

    We know how critical it is to follow your schedule with the dialysis center. We understand if you require to see a mental health professional or a physical therapist. Ensuring optimal health care among our senior loved ones with health conditions is the reason why ambulatory transportation exists.

  • Affordable transportation services.

    Aside from being accessible and ensuring that you can have them on time, medical transportation for seniors is also cost-effective. They could come with your health care plans or your government insurance. You can also pay by cash, check, and debit or credit card if you are using Private Pay Service or POT (Paid on Transport).

Our senior citizens need more support during these hard times. We, at Comfort Ride LLC, make sure that our transportation services are ready to drive you to your appointments. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 321-543-7433 so we can help you further. Talk to us today!

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