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What Can You Expect from NEMT Services?

by Andres Maldonado on 05/05/19

There are a lot of services you can enjoy through the non emergency transportation in Brevard County, Florida. These services are personalized to meet your unique needs, to ensure that you can continue living an independent and full life despite any disabilities or health conditions you may have. We completely understand the struggle you face, and it is our goal to provide solutions that can help make life a bit easier for you. So here are a few things you can expect from our NEMT services:

  • Personalized and Hassle-Free Transportation

    The main thing you can expect from our medical transportation in Florida is the fact that it is hassle-free and personalized to meet your unique needs. This ensures that you can get to the various destinations you need to be without having to worry about a thing. Just let us know when and where you need to be somewhere and we will make it happen for you. It does not matter if you need to get to the hospital for a routine checkup or need to go to the pharmacy, we got you covered.

  • Medical Transportation

    We offer superb medical transportation services. Through these services, we can help you get to the clinic or hospital with ease. This is perfect for anything from regular check-ups to treatments such as dialysis.

  • Specialized Vehicles

    In order to make life easier for you, we provide a wide range of specialized vehicles that can get you to your destination as easily as possible. For example, if you are on a wheelchair, we can send over a vehicle that is equipped with either a wheelchair lift or ramp at your convenience.

Our ambulatory transportation services can help you live a fuller and more satisfying lifestyle. If you would like to try out our services for yourself or find out more, please contact Comfort Ride LLC or give us a visit anytime.

What Car Should You Drive at an Advanced Age?

by Andres Maldonado on 04/15/19

Just because you are in your golden years, it does not mean you have to solely rely on non-emergency transportation in Brevard County, Florida. If you feel like you have the health, the reaction time, and the eyesight to drive safely then by all means. However, you should give some thought to the kind of vehicle you will be driving. What kind of car would best suit your needs as a senior citizen? Here are three different types you should keep in mind:

  • SUV

    As a senior citizen, you will want something that is highly visible but provides you with a great deal of visibility as well. With so many different people driving around you, it is important that they are able to see you clearly. This is so they can avoid you and any accidents, as the young tend to drive faster than they should. SUV’s also provide a wide range of conveniences. They allow you to travel on different kinds of terrain, they provide many safety features, and they will allow you to maintain your independence.

  • Vans

    Another great option to consider is vans. These vehicles can also be customized to suit different needs such as increased cargo capacity or even wheelchair ramps and lifts. This is why they are a popular choice for medical transportation in Space Coast of Florida. They also provide superior visibility and they are quite easy for other drivers to spot. They are many options you can choose from and they are fairly affordable, especially compared to SUV’s or other types of vehicles.

  • A Full-Size Sedan

    When you want all of the convenience and comfort of an SUV but in a smaller package, you cannot go wrong with a full-size sedan. They offer a variety of safety features, they are comfortable, great on gas, and are visible to other drivers. Many of these sedans can also carry quite a bit in the trunk, including wheelchairs.

There are many kinds of vehicles you can consider at an advanced age. However, if you want to make sure that you are safe and comfortable out on the street, you should choose something that can be seen easily by other drivers, in order to avoid accidents while also providing a suite of safety features. But if you are looking for ambulatory transportation, Comfort Ride LLC can provide the services you need. If this blog was helpful to you, please feel free to share it with your friends and family.

Safe Driving Tips for Senior Citizens

by Andres Maldonado on 04/07/19

For many of us, driving is a way of life. We live in cities that are spread apart and the only way to get around conveniently is through the use of a car. However, as we age, driving can become dangerous. Our eyesight will diminish, our reaction times will slow down, and we tend to compensate for this by driving slower, which will only increase the danger. So what are some safe driving tips that senior citizens can use when getting around?

  • Consider NEMT Services

    You may want to consider using non-emergency transportation in Brevard County, Florida. Through these services, you will be able to enjoy a personalized transportation experience that will allow you to get where you need to be with ease. Even if you require specialized transportation, you can rest easy knowing that Comfort Ride LLC has you covered.

  • Get Your Eyes Checked

    Clear vision is extremely important when it comes down to driving. You need to be able to see far and clear, in order to avoid obstacles and to drive safely. Many senior citizens with poor vision tend to drive slower but all this does is create a hazard on the road as other drivers may not realize how slow they are driving, leading into an accident. If you plan on driving in your golden years, you will want to check with your eye doctor first. We can also provide medical transportation in Space Coast of Florida, when you need to visit the doctor and get home safely.

  • Exercise on a Regular Basis

    You need to be in good health to drive. By exercising, you can improve both your mental and physical health. You will feel more alert, your reaction times will be faster, and you will be in a better state to drive.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, making sure you have clear vision, and using ambulatory transportation are great ways to get around safely. We are here to help you maintain your independence and when you no longer feel like it is safe for you to be behind the wheel, you can count on us. Do you know any senior citizens still driving? Please share this blog to help them stay safe on the road.