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What Every Dialysis Patient Needs to Know

by Andres Maldonado on 09/02/19

Dialysis is a crucial medical procedure to aid patients with kidney problems. In essence, it is a mechanical procedure that replaces the normal kidney function now that the body organ has failed. It aims to promote the patient’s quality of life despite having kidney failure.

Getting to and from dialysis appointments can be very struggling to many patients and their caregivers. This is where the option of a non-emergency transportation in Brevard County, Florida can be a great help to them.

Along with that, dialysis patients also need to know the following:

  • Right to Treatment Choices

    The patient can decide where they can receive their dialysis treatment. Furthermore, they can also select the type of dialysis procedure they would undergo. So, before getting your dialysis treatment, always ask the treatment options available. This helps you make informed choices.

  • Select Facilities Online

    With the internet at your disposal, you can look up for different dialysis centers in your area and compare their prices. This helps you determine the clinic that suits your personal preference. If you’ve identified this center, arrange for your ambulatory transportation with our team.

  • Right to Transfer Clinics

    If you feel that the dialysis services were not convenient enough, you can always move to another clinic. These treatment centers can now transfer your records easily and smoothly. The transfer of records should not keep you from moving to another clinic.

  • Travelling is Allowed

    Even when you’re undergoing dialysis treatments, you can still travel. For instance, if you’re outside the country, you can still have your dialysis treatment there if ever your schedule allows it. You have to ensure, though, that the necessary arrangements have already been made before your trip.

  • Report for Work

    Indeed, dialysis patients can still report to work especially if they are already used to the treatment. A medical transportation in Florida can help make these trips easier and more comfortable.

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How Do You Persuade an Elderly Parent to See a Doctor?

by Andres Maldonado on 08/15/19

You’re anxious. You worry that your parent really needs to see a doctor for their discomfort. Yet they argue that it is not important. How are you supposed to convince them otherwise?

  • Remind them of their role in the family

    Parents act as the role model for everyone in the house. With their example set, their children?and grandchildren will follow suit. With this in mind, ask your parent what type of impact they want to give the younger generation.

  • Tell them how a doctor can help

    Explaining the procedure will empower your parent. Tell them how treating preventable conditions matter. Taking these precautions early decreases the risk for dangerous health complications in the future. You can also reassure them that Comfort Ride LLC can drive them over to the clinic as needed.

  • Encourage them to review their family history

    Not all medical conditions are hereditary. But, genetics can put you at a higher risk of developing health problems. That is, of course, if you don’t get yourself checked by the doctor. Think about what conditions your immediate relatives are diagnosed with. Talk to your loved one about it. This should give them a better perspective on the topic. Once they agree, you can request for Medical Transportation in Florida to get you where you need to be.

  • Help them enjoy a hassle-free trip to the clinic

    Why does your senior parent dislike going for a checkup? Is it because of the long waiting times? Or the lack of comfortable transport?

In any case, those situations can be quickly remedied. You can always book an appointment with your parent’s doctor ahead of time. You can also ask us to give you Non emergency transportation in Brevard County, Florida. That way, you and your loved one can get to the clinic without breaking a sweat.

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3 Ways to Convince a Senior Loved One to Stop Driving

by Andres Maldonado on 08/05/19

How long has your elderly parent or grandparent been driving? If they got their driving license at sixteen, then that is indeed a lot of years. To them, driving is as easy as pie… but you know otherwise and that makes you worry about their safety.

How then are you supposed to convince a senior loved one to quit driving? Comfort Ride LLC has listed down a couple of tips to help you out:

  1. Make a list of observations about their driving skills

    Think of it as gathering evidence about why they should stop driving altogether. To do this, you will need to take a ride with them to a nearby location. Watch out for any warning signs that show unsafe driving. Note down those that concern you. Writing all these down on paper will help you make your case once you have a conversation with them. Don’t forget to acknowledge any difficulties that they may have and treat them with respect.

  2. Prepare an alternative means of transportation

    There are many options available for your choosing. One, you can escort your loved one on your own. Two, you can request a family friend to drive them as needed. Three, you can make use of either public or private transport. Lastly, you can get a hold of Non emergency transportation in Brevard County, Florida.

    We’re not lying when we say that the last choice is the best option. With it, all your loved one’s needs are met. Plus, they can enjoy added comfort and privacy.

  3. Be understanding of the situation

    A lot of seniors shy away from Medical Transportation in Florida. This is because they feel that it will take away their freedom. But in truth? It’s the exact opposite. Having medical transportation will help ensure that they can travel independently and comfortably.

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